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Our employees value us for:


Humans are social creatures and we work best when we are together. At Teracloud, we understand what treat it is to talk to knowldegeable and experienced colleagues and bounce ideas off each other, and we create opportunities for that.

Wellness benefits

Wellness is a requirement for long-term productivity. We feel that our large, modern office space, cozy kitchen, chillout zones help with that as well as the health and sports benefits that we provide to our employees.

Internal training

We believe that in order to succeed, learning needs to be part of our everyday work. That is why we have regular internal training sessions where more experienced colleagues help newbies get on the same page and we also compensate our employees for the training they take.

Challenging and rewarding tasks

We know for a fact that our work will not be easy: will run into problems, mistakes will be made, there will be conflicts in the team, and nothing will ever go smoothly. However, challenges are exactly what makes us better engineers, better teams, and better people - so we appreciate challenges and support each other through them.