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Gaming portal

A gaming portal providing archived and real-time game statistics, betting and communication capabilities developed in full stack JavaScript and Erlang.

Video stream distibution platform

A low-latency content delivery network based on the SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol using Go, C++, JavaScript, best DevOps practices, extensive use of AWS services and a Kubernetes-based infrastructure.

Real-time data analytics platform

A modern analytic platform utilized for ingesting, analyzing, and correlating real-time data from diverse sources. Equipped with a feature-rich visual Integrated Development Environment (IDE), it boasts the flexibility to connect seamlessly with virtually any data source and seamlessly integrate with prominent data infrastructures such as Hadoop and Spark. Moreover, its built-in domain analytics, including machine learning, natural language processing, spatial-temporal analysis, text analysis, acoustics, and more, empower users to craft adaptive stream applications with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Monitoring platform for integrated energy systems

A cloud-based SCADA platform, designed to gather and analyze data from buildings, unlocking actionable insights and offering intuitive visual dashboards to optimize climate control and manage energy consumption. All data traffic is meticulously encrypted and safeguarded using top-tier technologies employed by banks and financial institutions for the highest level of security.

Quality Assurance

QA is a critical part of the modern software development lifecycle. Our QA engineers have experience in all QA practices: QA automation, performance, scalability, regression testing, integration, globalization, functional testing, smoke and hallway testing and all kinds of software in our portfolio: web, desktop, mobile, server, API, and more.

Cloud-based simulation platform

An engine for industrial simulation providing Python gRPC APIs and a web-frontend written in React with an own modelling engine in Python with an assembly and compilation pipeline using LLVM and a possibility to extend the functionality using Docker images, deployment managed by Kubernetes and Terraform.

Application replatforming

We provide tools and assistance for the customers who wish to move their applications to alternative platforms by adding support for modern CPU architectures and enabling them for modern containerized, virtual and cloud environments such as VMware, KVM, AWS, GCP, Oracle Cloud, etc.

Enterprise-level operating systems

We specialize in creating enterprise-level operating systems for x86 and z architectures, continuously enhancing their ecosystems with a wide range of system-level programming languages, including C, C++, Java, JavaScript, and Python. Our development approach incorporates cutting-edge DevOps and R&D practices, seamlessly integrating them into the software development lifecycle.

Capacity planning and resiliency management software for IBM mainframes

Our platform for capacity planning efficiently curates enterprise-wide IT utilization data, generating actionable reports with forecasting and modeling capabilities. This empowers users to make informed decisions concerning infrastructure and application performance. Our resiliency management software offers invaluable support for non-database managed data and applications. Leveraging detailed analytic reporting, it identifies inter-dependencies and vulnerabilities in application data. Seamlessly integrated with major scheduler, tape management, and backup tools, it ensures robust resiliency management.

Support and professional services

Our support team is dedicated to providing comprehensive technical support at all levels to meet our clients' needs. We provide SaaS solutions to our clients to help them realize the full value of their application investments.

Compilers and development tools

Our operating systems come with a comprehensive set of compilers and interpreters for the following languages: C, C++, BASIC, COBOL, FORTRAN, Java, Python. Our developer tools include an IDE, a debugger, and industry-standard build tools such as make and cmake. 

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